Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto revealed that Bajaj Auto is planning to launch 6 new Discover motorcycles in fiscal 2013-14. Bajaj Auto is currently leading the Indian sports motorcycle segment, which holds a total of 10 percent in the Indian market. But now, Bajaj Auto wishes to enhance in the Indian commuter bike segment, which holds a hefty 63 per cent of the total market.

Bajaj Auto is planning to launch 6 new Discover

These new bikes will be a big push from Bajaj Auto to capture a major stake in the market. In recent development, Honda has pushed Bajaj to third spot, and that is why Bajaj wants to ensure that they won't lose market share in future. The bikemaker is developing the 6 new Discovers, which will target daily commuters, students and executives, however Bajaj hasn't disclosed the details of the bikes. At the moment, Bajaj is selling four Discover motorcycles in India including Bajaj Discover 100, the Discover 100T, the Discover 125 and the Discover 150.

Bajaj Auto is planning to launch 6 new Discover

Rajiv Bajaj revealed this to MoneyControl in an interview, "We have several launches lined up for this year. We have at least two new Pulsars. I can say this much - one will be smaller than Pulsar 200NS and one that will be much bigger. So I think that is going to help us defend our leadership of this space and that is very important for us so two new Pulsars in this year."

Mr. Bajaj also comment on the sales target in the commuter space, "This year, our main focus will be on the Discover brand and Discover segment because I think after launching the Discover 100T in January of which we are able to already sell between 25,000-30,000 a month, this has given us a new foothold into the commuter segment because it is for the first time in our history that we are selling in large numbers a 100cc motorcycle which is a space more associated with Hero MotoCorp. We are selling large volumes of 100cc motorcycle wherein that motorcycle is the most expensive 100cc motorcycle in India today. So this is telling us that if people are willing to shell out five percent more for the Discover 100T, perhaps they have come to accept that this is an outstanding 100cc motorcycle. If we have managed to create that excellence then the next logical step is to scale that excellence. What I mean by that is this - currently in the domestic market, we sell between 100,000-110,000 Discovers every month."

Rajiv Bajaj also commented on the future plans, he said, "I would like to see that number grow significantly. When I say significantly, I mean to something that is over 150,000 a month. The Discover 100T provides us some answers as to how we could do that. So as of now, we have planned the launch of several new Discovers. In fact, I can say specifically that we have six Discovers that are being ready for launch for this financial year. We may or may not launch all six. We will launch somewhere between four and six depending on the competitive situation because whether we like it or not. Often what we do depends on what our competition is so somewhere between four and six new Discovers. I am very hopeful and I am very keen that with that, we should see a 50 percent increase if not more in the sales of Discover which would then catapult Bajaj Motorcycle volumes to the next level."


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  2. Pulsar has given Bajaj new heights of success and changed the whole scenario of Indian bike market where now competition is of advanced technology and power.Even after launch of number of new bikes,Bajaj Pulsar has same enigma.

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