Friday, 1 March 2013


Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has been doing well since the split of the partnership with Hero MotoCorp. Though Honda has launched some very good motorcycles in the Indian market, there are few disappointments. Honda CBF Stunner, which is one of the disappointment, has now stopped raving up the atmosphere for the company which is mainly due to the lack of updations.


The other reason being competition with their counterpart Hero MotoCorp Ignitor, which is based on the same bike and is being reported to be running better than CBF Stunner. But I think the prime reason is the price(Ignitor is way cheaper than the Stunner PGM-FI). Honda was selling CBF Stunner in two different variants called Stunner PGM-FI and Stunner. There were a vast difference in the prices of the two, though there was no differences in styling or performance. While the PGM-FI variant was priced at Rs 65,845, the carburetted variant priced at Rs 56,348. Stunner PGM-FI was even costlier than Honda CB Unicorn, a segment above bike. To make things better, Honda now has decided to discontinue the CBF Stunner PGM-FI. The decision will not affect the sales of the motorcycle, but the company will get rid of the unnecessary loses, which was occurring due to the Stunner PGM-FI variant.

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