Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Paper Air Filters:

The most commonly used motorcycle and ATV air filter is the paper filter. This filter consists of laminated paper fibers that are sealed at the ends or sides of the filter. Some paper air filters include supporting inner or outer metal screen shells. The paper used in these air filters is molded in a “W” pattern. This molded “W” is designed to increase the surface area and to decrease the restriction of air passing through the filter.

The paper air filter must be kept dry and free of oil. If the paper air filter becomes excessively dirty or contaminated with oil, it must be replaced. Don’t try to clean a paper air filter with soap and water because this will damage the paper fibers and cause the filter to fail. You should use compressed air to clean a paper air filter. Be careful not to damage the filter.

Foam Air Filters:

It uses a special foam and oil to trap dirt and other contaminants. When this type of filter is dirty, you can clean it in a warm, soapy water solution, rinse it, and dry it. When the filter has dried, you must apply a special oil specifically made for foam air filters. Excess oil must then be squeezed out of the filter.

Gauze Air Filters:

This filter is very similar to the paper air filter. Surgical-type gauze is used to trap the dirt as the air passes through the filter. When this type of filter gets dirty, you can clean it in warm soapy water, rinse it, and dry it. After drying, you must apply a special gauze-filter oil when servicing this type of filter.

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