Sunday, 24 February 2013


Over the holidays, I found the perfect utility light for my dad to use while working on his motorcycles. My father is a serious collector, specializing in vintage British bikes. His basement and garage are full of Nortons, Triumphs, and BSAs, among others, and he spends countless hours restoring and rebuilding them.The perfect example of an artist-meets-mechanic, my dad is always on the lookout for new tools to help improve his restoration techniques. This year, it was me who found his new go-to gadget - a unique LED flexible work light (conveniently sold by Pegasus Lighting, the company I blog for!): 

A unique LED flexible work light for motorcycles

The light has 24 bright white LED and is battery operated with a long and sturdy flexible neck. It also has a solid clamp and magnetic base. My father said he had never found something quite so perfect for doing detailed work on his beloved bikes. (And trust me - he’s been doing this for a while). Let me show you the ways he can use this light:

To light the body from above, my dad can attach the strong magnet to the bike’s muffler, and curve the light up and around.

A unique LED flexible work light for motorcycles

When he wants to illuminate his work from another angle, he can use the heavy-duty base to balance the light on the seat. It has enough weight to stay put.

A unique LED flexible work light for motorcycles

The strong clamp also lets my dad position the light at even more angles. He really likes the plastic and rubber guards on the clamp, which protect his bikes from any scratches or damages. 

A unique LED flexible work light for motorcycles

My dad also uses the clamp to attach to foot pegs. This lets him easily see what’s going on at the very bottom of a motorcycle. 

A unique LED flexible work light for motorcycles

  To focus on the tiny intricacies of the motorcycles, my dad can fit the small LED light into a bunch of different nooks and crannies within the body. After using the light for awhile, my dad marveled about the sturdy flexible neck, which stays put even if he accidentally bumps into it.

A unique LED flexible work light for motorcycles

To learn more about this motorcycle utility light from Pegasus Lighting, you can view it here

Bio: Annie Josey is a blogger at Pegasus Lighting, an online lighting retailer specializing in unique, handy lighting products. At Pegasus (and in her everyday life), Annie has made it her goal to help everyone use light to improve life. In her free time, Annie enjoys reading, bicycling, and learning how to ride motorcycles from her dad. To learn more about this and other lighting projects, you can connect with Annie on Google+.

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