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Motorcycle engines come in two different types two stroke or four stroke. The difference is that two stroke engines have fewer moving parts and produce twice the number of strokes consequently two stroke engines are more powerful for their mass. Two stroke offers stronger acceleration but similar to the top speed of a four stroke engine. They are also easier to start however they have a shorter life span because of their poorly lubricated pistons since lubrication comes from the fuel-oil mix.

Four stroke engines are usually associated with a wider power band making for gentler power delivery, the four strokes have the upper hand on the comfort side because of their reed valves and exhaust power valve systems for smoother gear change. 

The general manufacture of the engines are usually quite simple, the raw materials, valves and components first arrive at the manufacturing plant typically on a daily basis and are assembled. As part of the just in time delivery system by which most main companies use. Manufacturing begins in the weld department using computer controlled fabrication of the frame to house the engine, various sections are welded together. This process involves manual, automatic and robotic equipment.

In the plastics department, small plastic pellets are melted and injection moulded under high pressure to form various plastic body trim parts.

Plastic and metal parts and components are painted in booths in the paint department using powder coating to paint the motorcycle evenly.

Painted parts are sent overhead by conveyer belts to the assembly department where they are installed on the frame.

The engine is then mounted in the painted motorcycle a various other components are fitted as the motor cycle is sent down the assembly line. Finally everything else is fitted wheels, brakes, wiring, exhausts, seats lights etc and the bike is complete.

A good example of a widely appreciated motorcycle company is Harley Davidson. The company first began in Milwaukee in 1903 it was founded by Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson when they developed a one cylinder motorcycle. Around the turn of the century the gasoline engine was developed and the one cylinder motor was introduced. By 1905 they had made 11 motorcycles and 1908 it increased to 154 and that’s where the company began in a little wooden barn that was built by Davidson’s father. The small company expanded and another member of the family joined them, in very little time they hired about 20 employees in an especially stone built factory.

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