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If you are like most cyclists, you spent a considerable amount of time selecting the perfect road bike for your needs. This is a bike that you may plan to use regularly for commuting to work, exercising or both. You may have reviewed various features and all of the specifications on dozens of models before you made your decision about which model to invest in. Even a moderately priced road bike can be a rather costly investment, and some high-end road bikes can be truly expensive. After spending so much time and money purchasing your new road bike, you certainly want to make the effort to keep it in great condition with proper maintenance.

Cleaning Your Bike:
One of the best steps that you can take to maintain your bike in excellent condition is to clean it regularly. Cleaning your bike may help you to keep it looking great, but it also can affect the overall longevity of your bike. If you use your bike on a daily or almost daily basis, you will want to wash it approximately every two to three weeks. If you use it less frequently, you may only need to wash it every few months. The purpose of washing it is to remove dirt and grime from the various mechanical components as well as to remove your own salts and oils from the bike. These salts and oils may accumulate as your sweat drips onto the bike. You simply need to take a bucket of warm water mixed with a mild soap and scrub the bike with a soft bristle brush. Brush the entire frame of your bike, the handle bars, the tyres, the brakes and brake pads and other areas. Avoid brushing the chain and hubs. Then, rinse the bike off with a water hose. You can towel dry it or allow it to air dry.

Lubricating Your Chain:
It is important to lube your bicycle chain regularly as well. After you have cleaned your bike, apply a small amount of lube to your chain using a clean rag. The chain rings and rear cassette should be thoroughly lubed, but take care not to get grease on the bike frame. If grease does find its way onto the frame or pulleys, scrape it off. However, do not use grease solvents as these may damage your frame, carbon parts and other related components.

Inspecting Your Bike:

As you clean your bike and lube your chain regularly, be observant of all components of the bike. Add air to your tyres if needed. Look for areas that may be cracked, broken, chipped and more. While you may think that a small chunk missing from the frame is cosmetic in nature, this ultimately can rust and ruin your bike. This can simply be fixed by placing clear nail polish over the crack. Look for issues such as cracks in the tyres, looks pulleys and more. If you cannot make the repair on your own, consider taking it to a bike repair shop for professional service.

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